Hey everyone,

It's been a long time since I've updated my blog. To be honest Instagram has become my news page due to the convenience of it but I have missed more detailed posts so I'm back. 

2015 was a pretty fun year, with 2 solo shows in New York and some fun commissions locked down. I had some time to decompress and prepare for my next project. 

2016 is all about taking some time to focus on my next solo show this summer, learning new techniques and enjoying the process of creating new works. I look forward to sharing updates with you.


My local watering hole and diner in Williamsburg, NY, recently commissioned me to create 2 pieces of Boxings finest. Ali and Joe Frazier. I decided to come up with 2 very different concepts depicting Ali as a 17th century Royal taking a stroll, posing in the grounds of his castle. Frazier's iconic pose with Dripping gloves ready for the Big fight. Super fun. You can see these works along with my current shoW "EX-POST FACTO" which runs through mid June.


The good people over at ARTE TV in France and Germany came over to the studio to do a feature on my work. It was for a show called TRACKS which is the biggest music and art culture show in Europe. It was aired early December but you can watch the interview HERE. Sorry, no subtitles guys :( but you get to hear me with a French dubbed voice :D

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 8.06.34 PM.png


Pauli LoveJoy, previously known as Pauli The PSM, an internationally acclaimed musician (Damon Albarn, Kindness, Bobby Womack) steps out from behind the drums as a solo recording artist.

Pauli commissioned fellow Londoner living in New York, oil painter Amar Stewart to recreate Johnny Nguyen’s iconographic photo of 12-year-old Devonte Hart, who was wearing a sign with the words "free hugs" during a Ferguson protest. -Portland Police Sgt. Bret Barnum motioned Devonte over to him and they began to talk about the demonstration, school and life. At the end of the conversation the police officer pointed to Devonte's sign and asked "Do I get one of those?” They embraced.

“In a time where it's felt like the chasm between people deepened to the point it can never be repaired, this beautiful picture is a symbol of hope.” Pauli remarks, “The cop is colourless in the Stewart’s painting to show that this issue is deeper than race."

Give Me a Sign, inspired by Nguyen’s photo led Pauli to call upon HEAVYxMELLOW to produce the track. This is the first single from the Brooklyn based Brit, collaborating with the Texas born producer. 

Dedicated to Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Rafael Ramos & Wenjian Liu, an animated collage by will be uploaded later today on

Pauli’s debut currently untitled EP is due to be released in 2015.

Meet up with Cormega.

Carlos from Classic Material NY asked me to paint a portrait of the great CORMEGA for his in-store appearance at Freshthetic in WilliamsBurg NY. It was an honour to paint and meet him. 


Tiny Trifecta Group Show.

Tara McPherson curates her 4th annual group show Tiny Trifecta which opens today featuring some of the key players in the game. I was selected as one of the artists to participate in a show with artist's I have looked up to for so many years. Shepard Fairy, Jeff Soto, Mark Ryden..... the list continues.

Thank you to Tara and Sean for getting me involved. Click HERE for more details and preview my pieces for the show below.

Found Group Show, NYC.

This evening I will be exhibiting a new piece in a group show titled "Found". The concept is for artists to produce artwork on found objects from the streets of NYC. 

I came across a chest of drawers in Bushwick and decided to use one of the drawers and use it as a canvas by painting on the inside. The style goes back to the work I produced for Puma last year focusing on dreams and goals. 

For availability please contact Robert Aloia -

See flyer for event details or click HERE.

Interview with FRANK151.

Lifestyle magazine FRANK151 came to visit me during my residency at The Cotton Candy Machine and discussed my inspirations and artistic approach. It's the most in depth interview to date. Check it out HERE.

Brooklyn Biennial Submissional Group Show.

I will be showcasing 3 pieces in Cotton Candy Machines Brooklyn Biennial Submissional show on December 13th. There is going to be some amazing work on display so I am pumped to be a part of this. Click HERE to check out the blog where you can find out more of what is going to be showcased. 

I will have 3 pieces on display including this new "?uest" piece. This work is tied into the larger body of work I am producing for my solo show in NYC sometime in 2014.

Be sure to check out Cotton Candy Machine.

Thanks to Sean Leonard and Tara Mcpherson for getting me involved!