Biggie WIP.

I was contacted a few months ago to create a Biggie piece in my style. Honestly I didn't really know what my style was at the time as the majority of my works differ depending what mood I'm in.

A week prior to being contacted about this piece I was in New York with my lady and we visited The Met. We spent hours exploring the rooms taking every bit of it in. We then came to The Masters section. It blew me away and inspired me more than anything I had ever seen. It was from this point I knew I wanted to develop my work using oils.

This piece means a lot to me as it set up my show, "Master Impressions" with Freshly Baked Gallery and set the tone for current and future works.


Jimi Hendrix X Carnaby St, London.

The good people of Carnaby St are holding a big event on Thursday 2nd November and have asked me to create a Jimi Hendrix piece on the day. Click HERE for more info.

I've never painted Jimi before and it seems pretty much every artist I know has done so I set myself the challenge and decided to work on an additional piece. Here's the WIP shots. The finished work will be available through Freshly Baked Gallery next week along with my earlier works for my solo show "Master Impressions".